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Top 6 Hotels in Provincetown that Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on Sat, Apr 07, 2018

We all know hotel prices soar during the high season in Provincetown, but there are still plenty of affordable places to stay, especially if you book early. We looked at all the options to help you, your partner and your gay-lady gang get the most bang for your buck. Ratings are a combination of price, luxury and kind of how we’re feeling at the moment.

1. Ravenwood



This enduring Ptown favorite offers quaint rooms, a warm atmosphere and an amazing dining room that can’t be beat. Ravenwood has the beautiful quiet of the East End even while it’s just blocks from the bustling heart of Provincetown.

Cheapest High Season Rate: $140/night

Rating: 4.5/5 Birkenstocks








2. Rose Acre

 rose acre.jpgThis proud member of the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown Association offers immediate access to the town’s incredible gallery district, as well as its own lovely garden with fruit trees. This place really feels like home: The penthouse library is a perfect place to curl up with a good book after a long day on the town.

Cheapest High Season Rate: Call for most up-to-date information

Rating: 5/5 Subarus



  1. Blue Sea Motor Inn

 Blue Sea .pngThis serviceable motel is just a bit out of town, right over the Truro town line. A regular bus brings you right onto Commercial Street for just $2 a trip, so overall it’s a pretty good deal. Plus, the Blue Sea has an indoor pool and amazing beach access with an amazing view of the Ptown skyline. Not to be missed. And honestly, it’s kind of nice to get away from the crowds and find some tranquility on the bay.


Cheapest High Season Rate: $159/night

Rating: 4/5 U-Hauls



  1. Coastal Acres Campground

 Coastal Acres .jpgLiterally what could be gayer than pitching a tent, cooking over a campfire and pulling out the old guitar to hold Indigo Girls singalongs long into the night? At Coastal Acres, you can do all that and more. If you’re ready to connect with nature in this low-technology getaway, stay away from the hotels and try roughing it instead. The excitement of downtown is just a short walk away. 

Cheapest High Season Rate: $79/night

Rating: 4.5/5 gold stars


  1. HI Truro Hostel

 HI Truro Hostel -1.pngIf you’re up for something a little different (or if you’re feeling nostalgic for that summer you spent backpacking through Europe, check out the dorm-style hostel in Truro, minutes’ drive from Provincetown. This Coast Guard station turned hostel offers modest bunk bed sleeping arrangement, but you’ll get the opportunity to meet interesting people as well as direct access to the Cape Cod National Seashore. If you like your vacations filled with exploring nature, this affordable hostel is for you.

Cheapest High Season Rates: $45/night

Rating: 3.5/5 Bottles of lube


  1. The Provincetown Hotel at Gabriel’s

 Gabriels .pngOkay okay, Gabriel’s isn’t technically budget-friendly, but it is probably the most luxurious place you’ll ever lay your head. Well, I don’t know your life, but I do know that Gabriel’s has a well-earned reputation for flawless customer service, impeccable rooms, and those not-to-be-overlooked afternoon cookies.


Cheapest High Season Rate: $175/night

Rating: 5/5 Melissa Etheridge CDs still in the original plastic



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Top Spots for Your Provincetown Date Night

Posted on Tue, Apr 03, 2018

I don't know if it's the quaint New England town, being able to hold your lover's hand wherever you go, or the fresh seaside air, but I always get those romance feelings the minute I get to Provincetown. And if you're anything like me, those romance feelings will make you want to take your wife, partner, girlfriend or heck, your platonic best friend on a date they'll never forget. So we rounded up all the best restaurants, bars and secret make-out nooks to take your special someone. Let us know how it goes!

For Dinner


The French-inspired menu and fresh local seafood in a warm atmosphere leave nothing to be desired. It's the perfect place to play footsie under the table while you sip your craft cocktail.

Front Street Restaurant

They say there are five languages of love, but they missed food. Nothing shows love quite like splurging on dining, and Front Street is just the place to do it. Don't miss their award-winning wine selections.

The Porch at Central House at the Crown & Anchor

Their seasonal menu features local cuisines and New England classics, and their desserts are not to be missed. If you can, grab a seat on the porch to enjoy the people watching.

Casual Dinner

 If an upscale restaurant isn't for you, not to worry - Provincetown has plenty of great date night options that are a little more flip-flop friendly. 

The Canteen

This new addition to the main drag has quickly become a go-to favorite for creative and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try their frosé (that's frozen rosé for the uninitiated) on the back patio overlooking the bay. 

The Aquarium Mall Food Court

Don't let the words "food court" scare you: this strip of take-out fast food comes with an amazing porch right on the beach. Grab a famous burrito from Big Daddy's, gelato from I Dream of Gelato or a burger from Street Eats and enjoy the view. 


Joon Bar 

This cozy bar and kitchen is the best place in town the gaze dreamily into your lover's eyes while you twirl a wine glass in your fingers. Joon also offers small plates and salad if you want a little something, but at this joint, the wine is the star of the show. 

Harbor Lounge

This spot is for lovers. With the unrivaled pier stretching far out into the bay, Harbor Lounge is a top spot in town to relax with a cocktail while you take in the views. The quaint atmosphere make this place a Ptown classic.

Strangers and Saints

With the self-proclaimed style of a "modern interpretation of a portside tavern," hip newcomer Strangers and Saints offers fine spirits and amazing plates to share if you're still looking for a little something to nibble. Their house cocktails are creative and enticing.

Something Different 

Sunset at Herring Cove

Who said it had to cost money to be a romantic date night? All you need for the most romantic night of your life is a few blankets and each other. Park your car right on the water and watch the day come to a close as you enjoy the wind and the surf. 

Sailing on the Bay 

There are plenty of boats that will take you out on the water for some quality time with the wind in your hair. The Bay Lady, the Schooner Hindu and Dog Gone Sailing are all available for charter during the summer. 

The Wellfleet Drive-In

There's something delightfully summery about enjoying a blockbuster movie on a big screen from the comfort of your own car. The rowdier family crowds tend to clear out after the first showing, and it'll just be you, your honey, the movie and the moon. 

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Girl Splash Event Calendar is live

Posted on Tue, Jun 21, 2011

girl splash events provincetownThe long awaited Girl Splash event calendar and schedule has been published. You can view the details here: Please note, however, that tickets won't be available for sale until later this week.

It's been a great season so far and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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