About Lynette Molnar and Provincetown For Women

Lynette Molnar Girl Power ProductionsLynette Molnar, the force behind Provincetown For Women, began promoting women’s events when she was 19 by strolling down Commercial Street in Provincetown greeting visitors and inviting them to attend the first lesbian play ever produced in Provincetown. Inbetween going to the Tea Dance every afternoon at The Boatslip that summer, and to The Pied every night, she filled the theatre night after night with women from around the country. Since then, she’s been hooked.

From San Francisco to Provincetown and states in between, Lynette has created hundreds of events for the LGBTQ community including a number of "firsts," -- the first ever gay and lesbian holiday festival – Holly Folly, Single Women's Weekend, Women of Color Weekend, Girl Splash, The Kiss-In, and the First Good Old Fashioned Lesbian Revival, among many others. She also co-curated the first international art exhibition on AIDS.

Olivia Cruise with L-Word CastLynette has also contributed to the national LGBTQ community through her volunteer work with The Human Rights Campaign - HRC, GLAD, NCLR, and The Task Force. She is the recipient of numerous honors including The Task Force’s Community Service Award, as well as several business and creative awards. For Lynette, it comes down to social activism. "I’m really driven by social change," she says, "and that passion has fueled me my whole life." It is that passion that compelled her to come out of the closet at 15, to later serve on the Human Rights Campaign Board of Governors, to help lead any number of actions for LBGTQ rights, and to Provincetown For Women.

Provincetown For Women brings to you what Lynette loves most - women and community.           

The L Word Cast                                                                                                                                                         Photo ©Lynette Molnar