Write Hear

describe the imageWomen’s Writing Workshop presented by Mimi Gonzalez

There is freedom in exploration.  There is release in sharing your story.  There is healing in being heard.

From Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones” and Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” to women’s consciousness raising groups in the 70’s that changed the world for so many of us, Write Hear is a workshop set in liberation.  It’s about writing with other women and hearing each other’s words.  For anyone who’s written or faced that blank page or screen, you know it’s about hearing your own voice first in order to catch it into words.  And writing with others is a surefire motivation to finally sit down and listen.  Join us for a writing prompt with only one rule of critique:  we’re not critics or professors so just say what you liked.

1-2 hours (1-2 prompts)

Mimi Gonzalez is a nationally touring performer who’s been in the stand-up comedy world for years.  All those jokes were written.  Meanwhile, poetry has been tugging at her curls and she’s finally listening.  She’s lead Latina-focused writing workshops at MichFest for the past four years and at Camp Lightbulb in Provincetown for LGBTQ youth.  She’s also ready to finally go back to school for a graduate degree and has been part of a writer’s workshop in Boston for the past couple of years.