Let's Laugh ABout Sex


                    Humor is one of the simplest ways we can lighten our sexual psychic loads.  Too often, lesbians in particular, are accused of not having a sense of humor.  The worst part is that we begin to believe it ourselves.  Let’s Laugh About Sex! is designed to allow participants to take a look at the lighter, brighter side of lesbian relationships; and to uncover the more enjoyable, playful aspects of interactions that are often overshadowed by trauma, misinformation, and ignorance.  This session will empower participants towards greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.


                    Even as we experience increased media visibility as lesbians, the reality of our daily lives is that we may remain stigmatized by external and self-imposed homophobia.  The effects of homophobia vary, from teen suicide to adult sexual dysfunction, emotional abuse to assault and battery, promiscuity to celibacy.  The most devastating aspect of homophobia, which is rarely mentioned, is what it has done to the intimate lives of lesbians.

                    Good intimate relationships require good self-esteem.  It is commonly acknowledged that self-love and self-acceptance are also key components of a healthy sexual identity.  How do we, as lesbians, develop sexual well-being in the face of so much outer and inner oppression?

                    Let’s Laugh About Sex! will assist participants in exploring such questions.  The answer lies in painstakingly developing ourselves using our own inner resources.  This requires knowing who we are, what we want, and how to get it.  While this can be a difficult and time-consuming process, once we get through it, we are free to create, establish, and maintain supportive environments in which intimate relationships can joyfully grow and flourish.  



ABSTRACT:  Let’s Laugh About Sex!

Created and Presented by Karen Williams

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