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We are expecting a few hundred attendees to Women of Color Weekend.

To help spread the word on WOC Weekend, here are a few things you can do...

• Join Our Facebook Group and invite your friends to join
• Change your Facebook or Myspace status to say that you’re coming out to Women of Color Weekend. Include the venue & date!
• Bring 3-4 friends with you to Provincetown
• Send an email to 7 friends with information about WOC Weekend
• Send information about the weekend to email lists you may be on
• Write a story for your local newspaper, or just let them know about WOC Weekend
• Post blog entries sharing your opinions of WOC Weekend - places like Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Yahoo 360 are great for this
• Join a listserv or email group that shares news in your area or by topic - we're big fans of Yahoo Groups
• Start a MySpace page and add WOC Weekend to your "friends"
• Follow us on twitter and encourage your friends to do the same: