Be Part of Our Street Team!

We are expecting a few hundred attendees to Women of Color Weekend.

To help spread the word on WOC Weekend, here are a few things you can do...

• Join Our Facebook Group and invite your friends to join
• Change your Facebook or Myspace status to say that you’re coming out to Women of Color Weekend. Include the venue & date!
• Bring 3-4 friends with you to Provincetown, MA
• Send an email to 7 friends with information about WOC Weekend
• Send information about the weekend to email lists you may be on
• Write a story for your local newspaper, or just let them know about WOC Weekend
• Post blog entries sharing your opinions of WOC Weekend - places like Blogger, MSN Spaces, and Yahoo 360 are great for this
• Join a listserv or email group that shares news in your area or by topic - we're big fans of Yahoo Groups
• Start a MySpace page and add WOC Weekend to your "friends"
• Follow us on twitter and encourage your friends to do the same:


VIP supporters are essential to the continuing success of WOC weekend by creating a solid base we can rely on. Without VIPs it is more difficult to secure all of the elements we need to gather and celebrate. For that support, we are deeply grateful.   

For stepping forward as a VIP Patron of WOC Weekend, a huge Girl Power Thank You to: 

Jeri Banks of the Bronx, NY