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May 29 - June 1, 2014

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Women of Color & Friends Weekend is May 29 - June 1, 2014


Word on the street

The Women of Color Weekend (WOC) is an excellent time to visit Provincetown, MA (P-Town); this event comes highly acclaimed, and is a great kick-off to the summer. The events are well planned and can accommodate anyone’s idea of a “good-time”.  The organizers of this event work hard to offer as many varied entertainment options as there are representatives of our culture.  

I attended this event several years ago, and when asked where I wanted to go to celebrate my birthday, -the possibilities were endless, it’s one of the big ones- I quickly chose P-Town for WOC weekend, because I knew that would afford me the appropriate celebration and good time my partner and best friends deserve. Thank you so much for the effort and time (not to mention the occasional mishaps) that go into organizing such event, your efforts are appreciated and your dedication outstanding!! Kudos to you. See you in a May!!!  

Sincerely, LJ,   in New Jersey

Women Of Color Weekend


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