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National Women of Color & Friends Weekend 2015 Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping to make this event possible.  Please support them.

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Women's National
Basketball Association


ABSOLUT VODKA is one of the most well-known vodkas in the world, and a long standing supporter of the LGBT community.

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OLIVIA The leader in lesbian cruises and resort vacations.


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MALIBU RED is a vibrant fusion of Caribbean Rum and Mexican Tequila guarunteed to get the party started.

 Malibu Red

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Tequila Avión -- voted World’s Best Tasting Tequila

tequila avion

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BUD LIGHT It's the sure sign of a good time. The just-right taste of Bud  Light. Here We Go.

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                                    GO Magazine logo                                                                                                            GO MAGAZINE is the  nation’s most widely  distributed free lesbian publication.   



Gay Philly

Visit Gay Philly - Philadelphia: Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay

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Want your brand to reach a large, loyal, affluent and untapped market?  Contact us below.

Why Brands Need Gay Women
86% have broadband internet
88% are car owners
60% are pet owners
60% purchased a new cell last year
36% bought sports gear last year
25% purchased a car last year
25% belong to health clubs
20% have a child under 18 at home
Avg 3x/wk dine out

even more than your average US consumer:
greater amount of disposable income
greater amount of discretionary time on their hands ($70.3b tourism/annum)
more likely to have a broadband internet connection (86% vs. 53%)
own a laptop computer (72% vs. 35%),
own a DVR or Tivo (56% vs. 24%)
own a BlackBerry or other PDA (35% vs. 14%).

35% make purchasing decisions for workplace
+50% say GBLT friendliness of company plays role
+66% can’t remember seeing a GBLT friendly ad in last year
+91% say sponsoring GBLT events would influence decisions
= 100% opportunity for your brand to stand out